Hill Youth

Hill Youth is the junior high and high school community of The Hill Church. We are committed to creating a place where young people can belong, grow, and encounter God. We meet through Wednesday Services, Small Groups, and Season Events.

We are committed to creating a place where young people can belong, grow, and encounter God.


Side X Side

Side x Side is a quarterly event where all Hill Church Youth Locations come together to Worship, Hear God's Word, and Fellowship with other campuses. 



What is the purpose of a Small Group?

Small Groups exist to help students find community and stay connected to God. As students attend their small group he goal is also for them to grow through mentorships and friendships with others. As the next generation, we believe in nurturing a strong relationship in Christ and helping students to establish leadership skills by getting plugged into a team at The Hill Church.

What is the adult presence at a Small Group?

Each Small Group is led by two adult crew leaders of the opposite gender and will have at least 2-4 adult leaders on every gathering.

Will food be available?

Each Small Group takes place at a restaurant or food court to ensure that kids have the opportunity to purchase food. However, it is not mandatory that they buy food

About Us

Pastor Juan was born in Los Angeles, California but lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for most of his life. That is where he met and married his sweet Love, Josselyn Lozada. They have a beautiful son, Luke Lozada.

When Juan was 15, he fell in love with the Lord and his life changed after that. He loved going to school and sharing God’s word hoping his peers would feel the love of Jesus just as Juan did.  Juan loves the sporty life. Tell him about playing a game. He’ll be there, anytime, anywhere. Just as he loves playing them, he loves watching them. He enjoys spending time with friends and family.
It was at Juan’s first Church where he fell in love with a girl, and not just any girl… the pastor's daughter. Together they loved serving and worshipping the Lord. Their hearts gravitated towards the youth and making them feel wanted and loved just as Jesus intended.
 Josselyn loves trying new things. She enjoys going out to explore and going to different places and meeting different people. She loves making people feel seen and loved.
Juan and Josselyn have hearts that are devoted to serving Jesus. In any way they can they want to make Jesus shine with excellence and with honor

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Juan Lozada...also -Michael Scott...also (originally) Wayne Gretzky