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Pastor Beau has been in Stockton most of his life, and loves his home town. From an early age, he served God fervently. He would share Christ with kids at school and with people around town. This is where his push to "marketplace ministry" began. Where ever you are, you are there for Gods glory.

Athletics was a big part of his childhood, and he can still be found on a ball field, or working with young people at the gym. Pastor Beau was a youth pastor for several years before coming to The Hill to be the Senior Pastor. Students will always be a huge passion for Pastor Beau. As Such, he regularly helps in youth group, conferences, and leadership training.
Pastor Beau has a vision to raise up leaders and send them into ministry. Throughout the ministries he has served in, many have found their call, and discovered opportunities to flourish in that call. He has trained several youth leaders, kids leaders, and even worship leaders in ministry and leadership.

His passionate and humorous style makes it easy to engage and learn during messages. His vision for The Hill, Is simply stated, Love God, Love people, and Change the world. It happens in that sequence, if we love God, we must love people, and if we love people, allowing God to use us to be apart of that change is a byproduct of that love. Truly it is the anointing that changes everything. Pastor Beau has a heart to send out pastors, leaders, and missionaries. His heart would be to plant new churches and campuses of The Hill. One church many cities. Pastor Beau is an avid hunter and active in sports and recreation. Just under Jesus and Family, would come Harley. You'll find him the first Sunday of every month with the other Hill Riders on a ride after church somewhere to lunch. If he could share one simple thought with you today, he would simply tell you, allow God to show up in your life, allow Him the chance to be in the middle of your situation, and you'll never look back!
Psalm 34:8- Taste and see that The Lord is good.